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I’m so proud of what we’re all doing here and the changes we’re making. We’re doing so much already yet there’s plenty more to do, especially when it comes to diet and the impact this has on our environment. This is the biggest challenge, yet in my opinion the biggest win if we achieve it. Our goal is to make us as sustainable as we can be.

I’d love to say that we’re all passionate about our planet. We’re not. We have a number of really devoted people in our family that want to mix things up for the greater good. It’s not easy. It’s very challenging to change a mindset, especially when the reasons aren’t obvious, but with incremental and consistent pressure it can be done over time.

Andy Crathorne

Managing Director


As development is at the core of what we do, there’s opportunity to make sure it’s sustainable whilst not impacting on delivery and quality of work. The aim is to reduce data therefore power consumption on storage and transfer.

shutdown servers at night
reduce & compress code
implement caching
increase performance
Load content on demand


Energy & Waste

Reducing the energy we consume, being thoughtful about how we use it, and reducing the amount of waste and consumables we use.

Recycling waste
Use of low-power laptops
Lights & aircon auto shutdown
Clear Recycling signage
Metal bottles and re-usable cups



We all have a responsibility as individuals, but as a collective, there’s lots we do to bring sustainability to the front of our minds. We invest the time into educating ourselves and being responsible.

Monthly talks and seminars
Staff encouragement & reminders
Work with other local businesses
Staff volunteering scheme

Our Home

We spend an enormous amount of time at our second home (or the office) with our actions and lifestyle influencing our lives outside of the 9 to 5. Taking care of our immediate environment opens our eyes to the bigger picture; reducing our footprint and damage we’re all doing to our beautiful home, planet Earth.

Being thoughtful about purchases to make sure they’re not only sustainable but whether they are even needed in the first place. From re-usable cleaning products, recycled toilet roll, and hardware with environmentally friendly technology. More importantly though, plants, plants, plants. Lots of real living and breathing plants.

Food & Drink

Probably the most important and significant improvement we can make to our environment.

free healthy food & drink
Responsible buying
limited packaging
Promoting meat free diet


Help Us

We’re not perfect, but we do what we can. This isn’t about having an edge over someone else. We’re all in this together and share the same planet, so we’d love to hear from other businesses to share what we do and improve how we operate ourselves. Hit the “get in touch” button below.