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Your eCommerce Content Strategy

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted August 18, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Content is crucial when you’re building your eCommerce store. It’s easy to flood the space with generic mumbo jumbo just to keep the word content at a reasonable level, but that’s a rookie approach to building a business. Come on, it’s time to take your content up a notch or two.

How? It’s all to do with having a strong business strategy at the core. Decide on a single, powerful objective and align all your content with that to ensure you’re targeting potential customers with a clear and focused business message that delivers all round, not just in immediate conversions.

Visitors to your site are looking for content that is reliable, relevant, recent and readable. Think about the whole process of buying – the preliminary research, the informative product descriptions, the guidance towards the checkout and the aftercare service. Place your business centrally in the minds of the buying public throughout the whole purchasing journey.

So how should you go about coming up with the key objective at the heart of your content strategy? First, think about your company identity, and the core themes and unique selling points you offer. What’s your raison d’etre? Then look at your existing content against this. Is it doing the job it needs to?

Also, consider what your customers are looking for. What’s in their minds when they think of the products you offer, and how can you reassure and educate them in trustworthy ways? What devices do they use to access your store, and are you optimising your content for those platforms?

Don’t forget to consider how your rivals are doing it too. You need to compete in the marketplace, which means understanding what else is out there and how it’s being delivered. But to do a great job, don’t just weigh your content against other sellers. Also compare it with that of other content providers, including news sites and fan forums.

In summary, go for a single business objective and always check that the content you’re providing aligns with your brand message and values. That’s your content strategy in a nutshell.