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You Have An eCommerce Store – But Do You Really Need A Blog?

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted August 18, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

If you have an online store then you must blog. Bold statement I know, but it’s a simple fact. If you don’t blog then you will most likely fall behind of your competition. A blog was just a novelty about fifteen years ago, but today it’s what sets a well-performing eCommerce store from the rest.

If your competitors are already using a blog and you are still in denial on whether it will be worth it then here are some reasons to get one going.


Amazingly 80% of visitors to a blog is there for the first time. This means that you get a great tool to capture those who are yet to work out who you are. You might already be aware that gaining new customers always proves more difficult than keeping hold of existing ones, but if you are providing them valuable content then you already have made the first step.


You might be thinking how was a blog influence link building? Well incredibly effectively actually. Companies that have a post on their blog going up regularly can generate on average 97% more inbound links their non-blogging competitors. If you make videos and share them on your company blog this will be even better as video posts generate three times more links than ones without. If you are publishing quality content that users read and share, more of your sites will rank higher on search result pages of search engines.


You might think how any of this will make you any money, according to statistics a B2B company that writes a blog will generate 67% more leads than a company without a blog.

Online marketing professionals list blogs among the five most effective ways to generate leads, also did we mention that marketing professionals who prioritize blogging are 13 more likely to benefit from positive ROI!

Still undecided if you need a blog?

The advantages of a company blog in eCommerce are priceless: you gain your own channel with it through which you are able to communicate the most important industry news, build up your brand, answer and frequently asked questions and also a space where you can talk about your products which may convince customers spending money on your site!

Blogging is a strategy that will not bring results in a week or so, it very much something you have to stick to through the long game. It is possible that you will get started with an intention of writing about a certain subject, but over time your audience might be interested in something totally different. The blog will mature over time but you will be collecting sufficient experience in the process.

After a year or so of regular blogging you will get the gist of what formats and content your readers prefer, from this information you are able to change and tweak content in order to get the most out it. You will get stronger over time from returning and new visitors, new inbound links will reinforce your profile and you will be known throughout social media.

So there we have it! Simple answers to why your eCommerce website should indeed have a blog along side it.