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Writing Effective Product Descriptions

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted March 6, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Very often on Magento stores, product pages contain only the bare minimum of information about the products they are selling. It can make small-scale eCommerce shops look really underwhelming.

If you only provide the basics like size and colour, and perhaps an image, you’re selling yourself and your customers short. Google searches won’t give you the ranking you could have achieved, and potential sales will be lost for lack of sales impetus.

What your product pages need is individuality, persuasion and well-written sales content. At the very least, it’s essential that you include your keywords and a call to action in your product description.

Using your imagination to describe the product can provide a more vivid taste of what you’re selling. That’s the bait needed to hook the customer.

How To Come Up With Decent eCommerce Product Page Descriptions

Avoid simply cutting and pasting the description the manufacturer issued, for the simple reason that everyone else will have done that too. That means hundreds of bland and identical Google results, with yours hidden among them.

What you want is a new take on the product, a unique statement that makes you stand out from the crowd of other online sellers.

So, do your homework. What are the benefits of this product that make it worth buying? How does it operate, and solve a common problem? Does it reduce your housework? Is it educational for the whole family? How will it enhance my lifestyle if I buy it?

Practice rewriting product descriptions, coming up with more effective versions that would get both consumers and Google bots excited.

Always remember your audience. Appeal to the relevant readers in your product description, using language that will communicate to the intended consumer. If you’re selling a child’s product, write for the adult who would be likely to buy it for them.

Prioritise your product descriptions, even if it means rewriting them all. Set aside some regular time to work through the descriptions across your whole Magento site, until you’re confident you’re using the best original sales copy you can come up with.

Making It SEO-Friendly And Including Reviews

Getting decent descriptions written is half the problem. Next, you’ll need to enhance the content to attract search engine interest, and tempt shoppers by telling them about the positive experiences of other buyers.

To start with, get your important keywords in there. Don’t force it so that it distorts the grammar, but try to include your keyword in the title of the page, the product description, and in tags (including ALT – that is, the optional HTML label for the product image.)
If your keyword phrase could be shortened, e.g. ‘hunting knife,’ remember it will be far more effective to use the whole phrase in your description. Extra content can come from having user-generated reviews of the product on the relevant page. Not only will previous buyers list additional factors your product description might not have mentioned, just having reviews from others is a good way to encourage new customers to decide to buy.

Links And A Call To Action On Your Product Page

Internal hyperlinks will benefit your website’s SEO, so if there’s a relevant reason to point to another page or product, make sure you give an active link. Having links to related items makes the site more user-friendly and could result in a customer buying additional products.

Engage your customers and give them a sense of urgency by including a call-to-action – a sales pitch that invites them to act here and now, not wait until later. You could write something like ‘Free shipping ends in three days’ or ‘10% off today by joining our mailing list.’

Sometimes those statements are placed on the main pages, but to make them even more effective, add them near to the products advertised, as well as next to the ‘add to cart’ and ‘check out’ buttons.

Spelling And Grammar

Finally, do your paying customers the courtesy of decent grammar and spelling. Those things all contribute to consumer’s perception of you and your business. Get the writing looking professional, and you’ll build their trust and confidence.

Another relevant issue is consistency. Don’t use ‘e-mail’ in one place and ’email’ in another. It’s a small point but it makes a big impact.

And when all of this is finished, check and edit. Make it perfect. Get a friend to proofread or hire a professional to make sure that your eCommerce copy speaks volumes about the excellence and professionalism of your business.