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World’s Ugliest Colour Revealed By Researchers

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted June 7, 2016
  • 1 minutes Read Time

It’s been confirmed, Pantone 448C is officially the world’s ugliest colour, so if you are considering a rework of your Magento website design, this is most certainly a colour to steer clear of!

A group of experts carried out three months’ worth of research to come to the conclusion and, after their in depth research into the colours that produced the highest number of negative reactions from the general public, the colour was established.

Sadly, this colour was Pantone 448C or opaque couché, which is a swampy brown sort of colour that was referred to by respondents as ‘dirty’, ‘tar’ and ‘death’.

In case you were wondering, the research was carried out to determine the ugliest colour as part of the campaign to reduce cigarette sales.

More than 1,000 smokers participated in a total of seven studies over the previously mentioned three-month time frame to identify the ugliest colour. Other colours that turned off the respondents were beige, lime green, white, mustard and dark grey.

So after 12 weeks of tests and research, Pantone 448C was ruled on as the decisive colour that reigned supreme in the turn-off stakes.

You can see the colour of Pantone 448C, right here… Eurgh!

Pantone 448C