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WordPress and Google Photos Integration Means Easier Image Uploads

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted November 13, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

If you’re a fan of WordPress for eCommerce blogging (and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be?), then you’ll be happy to hear of any tweaks and upgrades designed to make life easier. So, here’s the latest. Google Photos is now integrated with the WordPress platform.

Basically, this means that any photos you have stored on Google Photos, you can simply search for through WordPress and add very smoothly as required. It’s clear that decent photos will mean your post gets a lot more views, but sometimes the search for the right one can take a lot of trawling through albums that haven’t been properly catalogued. That’s exactly what Google Photos and WordPress have solved.

any photos you have stored on Google Photos, you can simply search for through WordPress and add very smoothly as required.

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Consider how tagged photos work, allowing you to identify a photo according to its description – a black cat or a china teapot. This kind of search mechanism makes life a lot easier when you’re trying to add appropriate photos to your blog.

So now hold that thought and hear this great news. When your Google Photos account has been linked with WordPress, your photos don’t even need to be tagged for them to be searchable in the same way. So if you have a whole load of images that you haven’t properly organised, you no longer need to leave them untouched in a heap on your hard drive, you can put them in your Google Photos account and experience the benefits of a properly organised photo album. You’ll be like those annoying friends of yours who remember to tag every photo every time.

When you think how important it is to have great graphics in your blog for the purposes of marketing and SEO, this is a great help and a big time saver. So if you’re not yet using WordPress to improve your SEO and engage with your customer base, now could be the time to start. Create posts that are relevant to your readers and that demonstrate how to solve the kind of problems they face. It’s a great way to demonstrate your credibility in the marketplace, and it also means that your search ranking will be where it needs to be, rivalling your competitors and highly visible to those searching for you.