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Why You Need To Understand Your Customer’s Journey To Maximise Sales.

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted October 20, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Statistics show that only around 5% of online businesses really know how to map their customers’ journey – understanding their ideal market enough to know how to attract new eCommerce customers, deliver what they’re looking for, and keep them loyal.

If you think about that in terms of physical stores, it’s a bit like not knowing where to locate your shop (maybe setting up in a side road in a rough area rather than on the high street) or not knowing what kind of design will attract them (having plumbing components set out like in a gallery or cashmere sweaters shoved into shelves in a basement) and having no clue about tailoring your aspirational brand message for your target market.

Analytics and data collection is really helpful. Where once it seemed intrusive, nowadays it’s just part of everyday marketing and research. Your Magento business can be gathering information on your customers and their behaviour through apps and tracking through an increasingly sophisticated range of channels and technology.

But it’s no use sitting on the data. You need to be making efficient use of the information you collect. For this, you need proper analysis, both of hard data (the facts and figures relating to an individual Magento shopper) and also the softer data about their online and offline behaviours, what messages they respond to, and what other products they tend to buy. When you have this kind of information to hand, you can be much better placed to offer them what they’re looking for. Even finding out when they’re online so that you can send a key eCommerce sales message email at that moment can make all the difference to conversions.

Another reason it’s important to make use of data is to compete with everyone else who is doing it. Those eCommerce UK businesses who aren’t that interested in tightening up the efficiency of their data collection are going to be leaving gaps in sales that you can pick up on.

And of course, tailoring marketing and sales in the right directions lessens your outgoings. Keeping existing customers loyal is much less expensive than attracting new first time buyers.

With information at your fingertips, you could give your eCommerce business a real boost.