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Why You Need To See Media Lounge’s New Infographic

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted September 21, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

As purveyors of success and achieving excellence, not just for Magento eCommerce platform users, but for eCommerce businesses everywhere, we have compiled an informative infographic packed full of useful information on the habits and trends of eCommerce consumers, and you’ll soon be able to see it!

We have taken the time to configure this set of data so that you can take it away and use in future, and once taken on board you can take steps to see that you’re making the most of the evidence provided for you.

So before you head on over and look at our infographic take a look at the four main elements we’ve covered for you, including:

  • What influences a purchase decision
  • First off we’ve looked at what influences a purchase decision. This factor allows you to see where you can improve and grow in areas such as returns, delivery, and even the quality of your product, amongst other things.


  • Most important store features
  • Vital store features cover a breadth of areas for you to take advantage of. So from loyalty rewards to online purchasing, and competitive pricing, to name a few, these are things you need to be aware of and focus on.


  • How the web impacts shopping
  • We’re talking about how eCommerce, mCommerce and other such elements play an essential role in today’s shopping habits. Arguably the most important of all the key points here, so that you can have your finger on the pulse.


  • How social media impacts shopping
  • Clue yourself up on what the consumer is influenced by in terms of social media and how you can capitalise on trends through the data sets.

If you’re keen to find out more then head on over and take a look at our new infographic here and discover what you might be missing out on.