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Why You Need To Revamp Your Magento eCommerce Website

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted December 18, 2012
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Revamping a Magento eCommerce website by redesigning it and adding new web content to it is extremely important for the growth of your business especially for those based on the internet. You may have spent months of time and a lot of money getting Inflatables Christmas For Sale your eCommerce site up and running, but a first-time visitor will give you less than five seconds to ‘wow’ them.

You have to adapt a new attitude about your site’s aesthetics – and the look and feel and the impression these design aspects have on visitors. Is your homepage engaging? Is it interesting? Sometimes over designing and complicating the look of a home page may scare off a customer.Who are you selling to? Think of your target audience, what do they need and like aesthetically?

Eye appeal is everything, but what’s appealing to one pair of eyes can be singularly unattractive to another.
Consider the elements of visual design. Are the colours appropriate for your target audience? If you’re selling snowboards, black, grey, blue bold colours with a grunge look work well ( However, if you’re selling wool or knitting needles, you might stay away from the bold dark colours and go with pastel soft colours and light typefaces ( Put yourself in the place of the ideal visitor (the one with something to buy) and ask yourself if the colours work for that individual.
Scale matters too – if you’ve got tiny button links off the homepage, visitors might not even see them. Consider the balance and proportion of the elements on your homepage. Is that gigantic banner attractive? Is the fireworks motif right for your goods or services? What effect do the design elements have on the visitor?

The number of people accessing the internet is increasing and the ways in which they access the net is also evolving. This behaviour calls for a suitable update of web content on your website. It can be difficult to survive in the online world if one fails to keep up with the pace of the evolving technology. If you are using Magento eCommerce then maybe you should look at upgrading to Magento 1.7 if you haven’t already done so. Those who have been using Magento as their eCommerce platform would have been enjoying its market leading features such as,

1 ) Provides powerful solutions for each business perspective
2 ) Multi-language support
3 ) Improved Web services
4 ) Enhanced SEO features
5 ) Completely customisable
6 ) Prompt Promotions
7 ) A Secure platform
8 ) Uncountable product options
9 ) Reporting and analyses
10) Multi-store

And there are dozens of more features that Magento offers. Please view here.

The overall change in lifestyle made by modern technology like laptops, tablets, smartphones and social media platforms needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about a website. Mobile eCommerce sites are becoming more and more popular please read this article for more information:

If you are looking to revamp your site or are thinking about starting a Magento eCommerce website then you’re in the right place! Check out our portfolio : or make an enquiry: