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Why Popups Are Good For Business

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted January 19, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Okay, so most of the time popups get a bad press, and often they deserve it. Those little messages that suddenly appear on screen can be enough to get some customers running for the door, or at least clicking elsewhere to escape. However, before you dismiss them out of hand, it’s work bearing in mind that the research says popups are successful in certain cases, sometimes with over 1000% increase in subscriptions, and a strikingly good conversion rate, compared to other channels.

We all love conversions but think about using popups for getting email signups too. Grabbing email addresses makes good business sense. Making yourself at home in your customer’s inbox is a great way to get their attention and communicate your message in ways that social media platforms don’t quite get there. In order to encourage someone to offer up their email address you’ll need to ask for it, and for that, timing and relevance are important. A popup allows you to pick your moment precisely and to target only the customers who will really bring the benefits you’re after.

How about a time-based popup, which is designed to appear on screen after a set amount of time. That way you’ll have saved the pleasure for someone who has already demonstrated a level of interest in your site. Or you could show a popup only when someone has scrolled a certain percentage of the way down the screen.

The message displayed on your popup is vital to get right. Make it strong, clear, interesting and relevant, and don’t let it look like the screen has suddenly been hijacked by alien invaders. There are a number of apps that can help you, for example, ‘Bounce Back,’ ‘Exit Offers’ or ‘Email Pirate.’ Some themes have a built-in popup feature, so check your eCommerce platform first.

Popups done well can bring to your customer’s attention a new product or ebook, let them know about discounts, or invite a question. Experiment to find what works for your particular Magento store and see if popups can top up your conversion rate.