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Why Magento Is The Only Choice For Your eCommerce Website

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted September 11, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

In an ever-changing ecommerce world, choosing the right platform for your online business is a big decision. Not only are there plenty of different options available, you’ll need to select a platform that works for you, is rich in features and receives regular updates – our vote goes to Magento!

Why? It’s simple really. Magento is the world’s leading ecommerce platform and sits at the top because of its huge range of features, designs and styles. Its user share is growing every day and Magento is the current operating platform for more than 40% of all online commerce stores.

Magento is ideal for any size business thanks to its incredible functionality. As an open-source platform, Magento allows anyone to download, install and edit its software. If you have a talented web developer at your disposal, then you can create a website that is visually stunning whilst remaining fully functional.

Not only that, Magento has been specifically developed with ecommerce in mind. Its range of features are perfectly suited to displaying products, organising categories and facilitating delivery. You’ll also benefit from a dashboard for all users, inventory and shipping management, product integration and more.

We love to promote Magento because it’s reliable, secure and flexible – making it perfect for any size business. As your business grows, Magento and your website can grow with you. It’s the ideal platform as you can choose to add, remove or customise any features you like.

There’s also a huge choice of hosting options available for Magento websites. You can choose to go self-hosted, but this isn’t a mandatory requirement for Magento unlike some other ecommerce platforms.

On top of all this, Magento online stores are known to be fast and efficient; both factors in user experience and SEO performance. The platform itself has been specifically constructed to reduce website load time and operate in an SEO-friendly way, and ultimately this speed will be passed onto your users when they browse your store.

Magento is our platform of choice and it should be yours too – its success is already self-evident through its millions of users worldwide, so join in and get started!