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Why Free Shipping Is The Key To More Online Sales

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted November 9, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When you’re shopping online, what’s your normal preference? The cheapest item, even if the shipping costs are higher, or a product with free shipping, even if it costs that little bit more? If you’re like most of the buying public, you probably think of free shipping as a massive incentive.

We have news for you. The stats show that when offered free shipping, customers normally spend 30% more on any given eCommerce store. That’s nearly a third more – a fantastic return for a fairly small tweak in your pricing strategy.

The incentive of free shipping is partly about the customer experiencing an increased level of trust in a brand that would be ‘that generous’ to the customer. But it’s also about the choices eCommerce buyers wants to make in terms of ‘needless’ extra spending to receive what they’ve bought. 93% of online consumers say that free shipping is the biggest incentive they could wish for.

You’ll probably already know that shipping costs are a big determinant (the biggest!) in carts being abandoned. So, that’s another good reason for keeping shipping costs as low as possible both for home and overseas sales on your Magento site.

In order to achieve free shipping, you may have to raise product prices slightly or impose a minimum order, below which there is a delivery charge. Make sure you take the decision carefully so that the figures make sense. But even if the items you’re selling have to be slightly more expensive to offset the real shipping expenses, don’t underestimate the psychological advantage you’ll have in taking the cost away from delivery charges.

It could turn around your product sales internationally as well as nationally if you get the figures right and don’t have to charge for delivery. So why not try free shipping for a limited period to test the possible benefits for your Magento store?