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What Makes A Good Social Media Post?

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted June 14, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Are you diving into the world of social media to help drive your Magento eCommerce website sales? It can be an area that appears daunting to some people who have less experience in making social media platforms appealing and alluring for consumers, whether they are existing customers or potential customers looking to join your current base.

You should be producing a regular blog feed on your website, or newsletter to help with your SEO through Google and other search platforms, and also to heighten engagement levels. However, even if you are keeping the posts coming on your blog page, if you aren’t a large brand then chances are you need to push the content a little more, and this is where the wonderful option of social media comes in to help out!

So, what makes a good social media post? Let’s take a look at these handy pointers below, and then we can see how you can boost your engagement rates and watch your social media notifications begin to shine!

Key Points To A Social Post

  • Don’t just reuse the title of the blog! For most users, a headline is all the information they will want to know. You need to encourage readers to read more, which is good. Why? Because this will result in more clicks through to the site.
  • Images are one of the key players that help to drive social media engagement, so choose wisely. Try visiting Flickr as the first port of call whenever possible, as many images are taken by professional photographers. Make sure you search through the ‘commercial use allowed’ option, or you may be using images that are copyrighted.
  • When writing a tagline, think: how would you share this on your own personal Facebook timeline to get people to look at what you’ve shared? Try to keep it in the style of your brand though.
  • Users like things short and snappy, so use a URL shortener to make the posts neater and tidier. You don’t want to be using some ridiculously long URLs which are 2 or 3 lines long taking up the bulk of some posts. It looks messy and unkempt. Keep it clean!
  • Think about sharing a post more than once. This can increase engagement per item if you do this a few days apart. This is trial and error, so think about changing the image, altering the tagline, sharing at different times of the day, etc. see what works best for you and your followers.
  • Make it seem like you’re excited about the content in some way (you know you will be anyway!). Also, if you appear to feel that the content is compelling enough to share, people will want to read it.

A Few More Suggestions:

  • Ask questions – When you asking a question on a post, it encourages engagement from your followers.
  • Use a stat, a fact, or one of your top 5 from your feature to draw people in to read the rest
  • Don’t be afraid to use ‘we’ or give an opinion (‘we love…’) to give your post more of a voice
  • A humorous spin can help to draw people in – nothing beats a good pun! But only use humour if it relates to you. If you are a funeral director, humour is best left alone!
  • Identify a certain audience, for example: “Every parent/dog lover/couple (etc.) will agree…”
  • Use one or two well-chosen descriptive words to make your content and story stand out
  • Active encouragement, for example, “find out more here”

Try out these top tips and see how you get on. Also if you are planning to dominate the social media game make sure that you have included the right sized images to your posts too.

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