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What Kind Of Content Should I Market With

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted March 17, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

The short and simple answer to content marketing is that you need content that works; content that gets your eCommerce viewer not just to read, but also to follow through with the kind of aims and objectives you have for them – for example, purchasing! But as we know, getting the public to stop and look is a massive hurdle in itself, even before you start to think about Magento conversions. And all that is exactly why we’d suggest you use more than one type of content.

On TV there’s a current trend for interchanging entertainment and education in an attempt to keep people tuning in. An example is where there’s a documentary about something in the entertainment industry, hosted by a presenter known to have some heavyweight credentials in the area. Ten years ago they might just have rerun the programmes. Nowadays, bringing a more analytical or educational edge seems to persuade people there’s more of a justifiable reason for them to stop and watch, what is basically the same material.

Similarly with eCommerce content marketing. If you find your amusing cat memes aren’t pulling in the punters, try instead an analysis of cat memes, or a top ten of the best and worst. It gets the rational part of the brain working as well as the emotional. And if you’re presenting educational eCommerce content that isn’t hitting the spot, try giving it an emotional twist – a human story relating to it, or some more amusing turns of phrase thrown in to make the content more readable on an emotional level.

Having hooked your potential Magento customers, you’ll also want to persuade them to buy, to sign up, to make an enquiry, or whatever. You can do this by appealing to their emotions, but also make sure you present a call to action that has a rational basis. It must somehow ‘make good sense,’ to do the deal.

Get a strong balance of emotional and rational, persuasive, entertaining and educational content and you’ll find a steady increase in eCommerce conversions will follow.