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What Is Magento?

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted May 9, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

If you are just starting out in the world of eCommerce and are looking to learn more, you may have heard the brand Magento being thrown around quite a lot, and be wondering, ‘what is Magento?’

Magento has proudly established itself as a leading enterprise-class eCommerce platform, that currently enables in excess of 200,000 online retailers and counting, to successfully perform online. Magento is chosen by as many as one in every four online businesses, which speaks for itself when it comes to learning of its pedigree and well-respected reputation in eCommerce circles.

What Does Magento offer?

First off, users are guaranteed not only flexible but powerful features thanks to Magento’s intuitive administration interface. Providing key search engine optimisation, advanced marketing, and catalogue management tools to control the functionality, look, and content of every individual retailer’s unique eCommerce website, Magento really does tick all the boxes!

Magento has been specifically designed so that it is totally scalable for the user, while also offering optimal performance.

If you’re researching into an eCommerce website, whether it be your first time in online retail or searching for a CMS as a means to grow your existing presence, Magento eCommerce allows you to experience a true open-source software platform. The plus side to this means that after originally being advanced by a single one organisation – Varien – it is available to developers across the globe who constantly work to improve and advance Magento’s software. Why? Well, that’s simple; they are always looking to move forward, so that as the internet evolves, so does Magento. The platform and its developers want to remain at the very forefront of digital eCommerce so that its users continually enjoy the best experience possible.

Magento: Why You Should Use It

You might be thinking at this point, why you should choose Magento over other available platform providers. The user-friendly and intuitive administrative interface means that users can streamline the order fulfilment process, while at the same time, retaining full control over every aspect of their stores, from merchandising to promotions, and much more.

An easy-to-use set of catalogue management tools, comprehensive merchandising and marketing features are on hand to make a platform worthy of expectations. Tools, such as social shopping, product reviews, up-selling/cross-selling, wish lists, E-newsletter management, extensive analytics and reports, not to mention easy inventory management and integration with third-party software like Sage gives Magento the renewed confidence in users who are searching for that total eCommerce solution.

How Much Does A Magento Website Cost?

Fundamentally, Magento is a free platform and is available to anyone who wants to download it. Free templates are on offer to download which can suit the SMEs, nicely, mostly because it gives them the chance to get things off the ground. However, Magento’s full capability cannot be utilised unless the user has knowledge of coding and programming. This is where an outsourced company can come into play and assist.

Why Not Develop Your Own eCommerce Software And Use That?

While it’s not possible to simply assess custom built eCommerce software, there are always going to be good and bad examples, much like most things. What potential users should bear in mind here is that the critical difference they all share when compared to an open-source platform like Magento is that if a website’s powered by a custom platform the owner is tied down to working strictly with the company that developed the software. The problem with that? Well, essentially, if the time has come to no longer want to work the company that built the website, or if they go out of business, then changes to the website, as well as any further development, is likely to prove costly.

With the fact that the internet is continually evolving and growing, with no signs of a halt coming anytime soon, and with new features ever-appearing, such as social media, it’s important to have a platform that can evolve and keep up too. In a similar way that your iPhone is supported by the app store, Magento is supported by a huge community of developers that provide a constantly growing catalogue of “plugins” which allow us to add additional functionality to our Magento websites quickly and cost-effectively. Meaning you will never be faced with an extortionate bill to add a simple feature to your site and you’ll never be left with a website that is out of date or behind the times.