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What Can We Learn From The Top Sports Retailer In The UK?

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted February 28, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Lucky old Wiggle. In the world of sports retailers, Wiggle has recently come up trumps. A prestigious endorsement from consumer advice giant Which? has made it official – Wiggle offers the highest standard of eCommerce customer experience in the industry at the moment.

The criteria for the award was no different from the kinds of performance markers we all need to be applying to our businesses every day of the week. It’s food for thought. If Which? ever comes knocking at the door of your Magento website, will they find anything to write home about?

For example, ease of use. Wiggle customers are able to locate what they are looking for quickly and easily without getting side-tracked to another site to check the product details. It’s an obvious point but one worth making that if your customers get lost in the maze of your search facilities, they’ll simply jump ship, type the product name into Google and find all your competitors queuing up to take over the sale, shouting ‘me, me!’. That’s not what happens in the Wiggle store. Hardly ever.

And how about deliveries? When a new Wiggle customer signs up for a purchase they know they are going to get exactly what they ordered, right on time and without any fuss and bother. Is that what your customers would say? Do you have a laid-back approach to deliveries, thinking a few extra days is not a problem, and the odd breakage in transit is perfectly acceptable? Aha. You wouldn’t get that from Wiggle. Not likely.

So let’s talk about recommendations. Is your customer base growing by the day because they’re always on social media singing your praises and wandering round to tell the neighbours how brilliant you are? Cos that’s what happens to Wiggle. No wonder people like them. Liking Wiggle is getting trendy.

So, lucky old Wiggle? Not really. Be honest, some of eCommerce is luck, but more than likely Wiggle have been working their socks off to deserve this reward. That’s the biggest lesson. Use your eyes and ears to understand your Magento eCommerce business and what needs tweaking improvement. And one day you could be up there with the award winners.