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Was 2015 The Year Of mCommerce?

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted December 15, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

We’ve stumbled across some interesting stats and findings from a Criteo report specifically on mCommerce. As usual, we’ve ploughed through and done the hard work for you already, and we’re ready to give you our verdict. You’re welcome!

Let’s start here. You know desktop sales? Well, the report shows that one in three purchases involve one or more mobile devices. That means, if you’re not up to scratch with your mobile optimisation, you’re officially missing a trick. The report shows that app conversions beat desktop conversions hands down. But there’s more.

Around 40% of purchases happen across multiple devices, and shoppers using multiple devices to visit your Magento store are statistically more likely (to the tune of 20%) to complete the transaction. What does that mean in real terms? It means your site better be highly responsive. When a customer starts fishing around your product listings on their MacBook Air, you need to be all set for them to pick up later where they left off, this time on their Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. You then also have to ensure they can pick up the same shopping cart again sometime later and make their way seamlessly through to the checkout and out the door, this time on their 5.5-inch LG Ray. And we’re not even joking.

If you’re wondering, the stats show that in the US smartphones accounted for 56% more mobile transactions than tablets in the third quarter of 2015. Apps are big business. According to the Criteo report, they account for 3.7 times more conversions than just your standard mobile browser. An app is a whole experience of its own. Fingertip interaction feels powerful, and choices are simpler when things look manageable and fun. The ease of making a purchase in-app is just so much more enjoyable than on a website, and so in-app purchases tend to be much bigger too. The report shows that the average spend per app transaction is around $116, which compares with a desktop average spend of $100.

As we look towards 2016, the predictions are that mCommerce growth shows no signs of slowing down, and apps are the way to go for eCommerce traders. Get ready with smooth and highly responsive cross-device customer experiences, and cash in on the trends for future eCommerce success.