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Using Content To Build Your Audience And Increase Sales

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted August 29, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Everyone knows that content is increasingly key when it comes to building your online audience. Of course you’ll have more eCommerce visitors if the stuff you’re putting out there is worth visiting. But it isn’t enough just to create more and more content without a decent strategy. You need to use that content, by knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve with it, and tailoring it to that end. Here are a few tips to improve the content on your Magento site:

1) Get To Know Your Magento Store’s Target Audience

Who are the people who’ll turn up to your site in their droves? What are they into, and how do they prefer to engage? If they are mostly social media users, that will affect the themes and styles of your interaction. If they have professional interests, they’ll want to see credentials that will impress, and topics that will educate.

What are their needs and desires? Can you meet those through offering tutorials, quick fixes, technical information or update news and stories?

Learning about your target audience will allow you to engage with them, which is paramount when you start to consider the effect you want that engagement to have – step two.

2) Ask What You Want Your eCommerce Site Content To Achieve

What are you hoping for? Queues of new customers to your door? Increased engagement, and a decrease in the current bounce rate? To demonstrate your industry expertise and so improve your reputation in the marketplace? Or to grow a cult following of customers who just love coming back and being affiliated with you?

All these are worthwhile aims that are likely to develop the right context for the holy grail – conversions! – which is what you must have as the underlying aim of your content marketing.

So cultivate quality eCommerce content to keep real people turning up, investing in, and staying loyal to your Magento site.