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The Most Useful Magento 2 Extensions To Power Up Your Sales This Holiday Season

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted December 7, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Winter is in full swing an that means big business for all things retail whether that being on the high street or online. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all occur within a month of each other so while people are busy preparing for the festivities, online eCommerce business owners are fully on the hunt to make their store holiday ready. Strategies are being put in place to sell more and to grab that all-important attention of online shoppers.

Keeping numbers of online shoppers and Magento stores in mind, here are useful Magento extensions to implement on your Magento 2 store so you and your business can be ready for the holiday rush.

Customer Stock Status

Due to heavy rush and selling in the holiday season, store products get sold in a fraction of time or stocked out immediately. Simply showing these products with the label “out of stock” makes it so passive, rather showing them with the informative stock statuses like “hurry up, 30 items left”, “coming soon”, “available in 3 days” etc which can hype up customers to come back for the purchase. Magento 2 Stock Status by MageComp performs as a hero here by providing various informative and speaking stock statuses for your store products. It encourages customers to buy a product instantly before it gets out of stocks.


It’s no secret that during this time of year your Magento store will get a lot more activity than normal, however, more customers mean more bots and spams. In order to protect your store from those dreaded spams Google has introduced “NoCaptcha ReCaptcha”, this allows store owners to identify humans and kick bots and spams out of the store. 


More sale means more shipping carriers, more payment methods and more personalized requirements like gift wraps, rush delivery and more. Adding these charges to products and make them pricey is just the dumb idea. Rather you should pass on charges for additional services transparently to customers without increasing product prices. Magento 2 Surcharge is there to help you manage these additional charges to your customers transparently into order invoice. Rather configuring extra charges for each product, extension facilitates to bulk upload these charges through CSV.

Hide Prices

Encourage your customers this season to register with your store in order for them to see the price of the product they are looking for. This extension is a bit of a love it or hates it situation as it may come across a bit sneaky, however, it will bring you more signups to your site which could lead to better long-term relationships with your customers and further sales in the future.

SMS Notifications

People are impatient. Fact. They want the products they have just purchased there are then and will eagerly wait for their order to arrive as soon as it’s placed and thus they are desperate to know their order information. Being able to notify them of regular updates through the means of text messages can work a dream for your store. From this, you can give your customer notifications when their product has been dispatched, with the driver and even when it’s been delivered. Having this feature allows the customers to feel like they are in the loop with their order with being able to track its whereabouts.

Size Chart

Do you own a fashion store or sell wearable products? Let your customers select the perfect size and fitting in order to reduce returns due to sizing issues. Nowadays the size of products different from brand to brand and picking the correct size is a real tough cookie to crack. The Magento 2 Size Chart extension is able to help set a size chart through images, HTML code or a table for specific products when needed. 

Delivery Date

During the holiday season, there is a situation when a customer is not available to receive product delivery or they want the product to be delivered on a specific day or occasion which indirectly affects store sales. Magento 2 Delivery Date extension is what makes it easy for customers to pick their convenience product delivery date while ordering the product and for store owners to manage order delivery with ease. What are you waiting for? Integrate this convenience date picker now.

Instagram Integration

Instagram is stand out social platform when it comes to photo and video sharing online. Magento 2 Instagram Integration fetches your Instagram images and creates an Instagram shop that helps store owners drive more sales using the platform. The main highlight of this extension is the hotspot feature which helps customers identify the product just by hovering on the Instagram image.

WhatsApp Share

Statistics Says, WhatsApp is a widely used messaging app with over 1 billion daily active users. Because one happy customer brings another one and to utilize this opportunity to drive more sales in Holiday Season, Magento 2 WhatsApp Share is what with you can get the benefit of more sale through sharing. It allows your store customers to easily share the product with their loved ones. Out of the box, the extension comes with UTM tracking facility to identify traffic and conversion made through WhatsApp. Simply increase purchase factor by encouraging product sharing in the smartphones.