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Trending eCommerce Products To Sell In 2017

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted August 4, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Selling through eCommerce is the only way to go nowadays. Social media drives it, and gets your sales message trending, and then mobile devices make it just a one or two step click until the product lands on your doorstep. You could sit be sitting on a bus and buying a car at the same time. That’s mCommerce.

But some things are selling faster than others, and you might like to take a look at the latest trends for products that sell in high volume. It’s a good bit of encouragement if you trade in these items, and a nudge in the right direction if you’ve been thinking of any of these.

Facial mask anyone? Beauty products are big sellers online, but skincare and facial masks are particularly high sellers this year. Perhaps it’s the low budget self care boost that gives the feel good factor people are looking for. Stock up on facial masks, if you’re in that line.

Perhaps for similar reasons, coconut oil is doing really well in online sales. During recent years a lot has been said about this product; it’s been said to be the miracle cure for everything from frizzy hair to weight loss, and whether or not the science backs this up, eCommerce sales certainly do.

What about technology? Well, no surprise that smartwatches are flying off the virtual shelves at the moment. Why would you not want to look at your wrist to check out your blood pressure, the weather in Japan, or the latest message from your nearest and dearest, rather than have to go fishing around for your clunky phone. If you’re an online store that sells technology, definitely consider stocking smartwatches.

You might not have heard the buzz about video doorbells. Just imagine the chance to look at the screen on your device to see who’s waiting to come in. It’s another example of up and coming technology that’s starting to trend in online sales. Bluetooth speakers, virtual reality devices and phone cases. Those are just a few more ideas for boosting your eCommerce.

Stock a few of the big trenders and you might just see customers who are through the door investing in your niche products too.