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Top Tips For Displaying eCommerce Product Prices

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted June 14, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Product price display is a marketing feature as well as just the bottom line for eCommerce sales. The way you display pricing (just like the way you pitch the price point for your products in the market place) can make or break potential conversions. Here are some top tips for displaying your eCommerce product pricing more effectively.

Here’s an obvious one to start with. It might be tempting to hide the figures away, so as not to be labouring the point of money with your customer. But no, you need to display them.

It’s true that in some lines of business not displaying prices is standard practice. If you’re selling a diamond that is literally priceless, or you’re trading in high-end products where your clients aren’t used to bothering to ask what the cost is, then okay. But, let’s be honest. We’re probably not working in those fields. Everyone else – display your pricing clearly.

Make sure you show the up-to-date eCommerce prices, not last season’s. The text needs to be simple to read, not trying to be too clever. Where finances are concerned, your potential customer is looking for sensible and straightforward. They don’t want to be forced to decode your quirky font choices.

Putting the price next to the call to action button is a good plan. If the price is right, you then click, and it’s in the trolley. You don’t want them to have to go searching for how and where to add an item, because of it just a slip of a click, they’ll land right next door at the checkout of your biggest rival. Keep it simple. And putting the cost right next to the name of the item is good practice. The price is part of the choice, after all.

If you sell a range of products or sizes, it’s a good idea to display that whole price range, rather than leave it as a nasty shock when your client discovers that to get the product in their size means a price hike. Show the range from lowest to highest and it’ll be more intuitive for eCommerce shoppers.

Display the running total cost, if products are added or removed from the basket along the way. Nasty shocks are the prime reason for most abandoned carts. On which point, eCommerce shipping costs need to be clearly displayed, and where possible, extremely low or free of charge.

Nobody likes to feel duped or misled, so whatever your prices, keep them obvious and display them clearly.