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Top Tips For Black Friday Success As A Business

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 19, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Black Friday is fast approaching, but fear not, we’re here to help you make the most of it with our five simple, but effective tips for success on one of craziest days of the year in the retail calendar.

Keep things simple

Magento eCommerce sites along with other commerce platforms should all be aiming to keep things simple. It may sound like a basic piece of common sense but if you’re not a renowned department store with decades of history and experience, don’t try to pull off multiple layers of sales. Essentially, you should choose one sale and do it well. Scheduling different discounts to happen at different times of the day just complicates life and creates a situation in which your cashiers are doomed to have something ring up at the wrong price.

Your Ad Language Can Help To Set The Tone

Don’t wind people up with silly ads like “first 100 goes for even more” etc. Quite simply because when hordes of people are piling on to the website and there’s no confirmation that the first 100 have gone, they’ll either be peeved that there’s not such a good deal anymore and go elsewhere, or they’ll just not bother in the first place and find a different offer on another site. You don’t want people going to your rivals, so choose language that dissuades this, and instead, lures them in.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Yes, we all know that Black Friday may be the busiest shopping day of the year, but there’s no rule set in stone that states your sales can’t extend beyond that specific day. Extend the offer and the deals for more days or provide the choice of having specific online deals. The goal is to make sales, not have people go elsewhere to do their shopping.


If you advertise it, they will come. This might not be totally accurate for every ad you create, but it’s especially true of Black Friday. Get the word out about what you have to offer. Tempt people to add your business to their list of places they don’t want to miss out on shopping at. Use social media, email lists, direct mail and/or the local paper to let consumers know specifically why they should come see you.

If you are looking for Magento specialists to help you get your business thriving on a successful platform, then look no further than our team of professionals here at Media Lounge. We are happy to help, and not just on Black Friday either!