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Three Social Media Tips For SMEs

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted August 29, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Social media is everywhere and as a business, there’s no avoiding it – so how do you go about being good at Facebook and Twitter?

Tesco has one of the best social media campaigns going, so we could take a look at what Tesco does as an example of a well run social media account, but it is a huge account with a mammoth budget – so there’s not necessarily so much you can take away from examining Tesco as a model. That’s why we thought we’d take a look at a smaller business.

We decided to take a look at Red Mango, an American Frozen Yoghurt company which has been running for almost nine years now. It’s grown to have just under 200 stores across the US, but is still relatively small – and most importantly has a great profile on social media.

Even without the kind of resources, Tesco enjoys Red Mango has been able to impress us with their awesome social media campaigns.

The company has more than 75,000 likes on Facebook and almost 60,000 followers on Twitter – but crucially these followers are highly engaged. So how does Red Mango do it?

Subtle Product Promotion

Social media is a great platform to raise awareness of your brand and products. Many brands lose sight of this when tweeting, often by trying to hard to appear funny, witty, or human.

While some funny tweets are all well and good, the tweets which will see you gain an ROI are those which promote a product someone may then decide to buy.

Red Mango is currently doing a really good job balancing these two aspects of social media management – mainly because the company’s social media team remains focused on its main goal – increasing sales and brand awareness.

Customer Engagement

No tweet or Facebook post by your company promoting products or services will carry as much authority as a post from a customer endorsing you – because their post will come from a neutral standpoint.

Nothing works more effectively than a visual testament to your product from a customer. This is something Red Mango recognises and the company regularly engages with customers by reposting their pictures and posts from a number of social media platforms.

However, to do this effectively you’ll need a powerful social listening tool. Believe us – it’s something worth investing in.

Newsjacking / Reactive Posts

Whatever the issue – a movie release or a festival – hashtags and trending topics provide a great opportunity to get your content into people’s feeds. Even when your social media calendar is planned out it’s best to save some room for reactive tweets, as it can create greater visibility and also give followers a sense the account is ‘human’.

A word of caution though – be judicious when deciding what to react to. Sometimes it’s better to remain unseen than to post a reaction to a negative story which you’ll then be linked to.


These three ideas are just a few of the things Red Mango does, but they’re what really stood out as being things Red Mango does well. So if you have a Magento agency appointed and are all set up for eCommerce, why not start implementing them and direct traffic to your eCommerce store?