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Thought You Knew The Best Time To Drop A Marketing Email? Think Again!

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted February 23, 2016
  • 4 minutes Read Time

There’s new research that has now confirmed what we have all been doing for some time now, and that is the modern day ‘second screening’. This is the act of having a primary screen on, such as the TV, and then scrolling through apps on your mobile at the same time.

Experts have now revealed that this is in fact ‘joint screening’ due to the fact that the device in our hand, whether it be a mobile or a tablet, is as essential to us as the big screen all the furniture is pointed at! The significance of whatever you were looking at on the portable device continues, even into the ad breaks, when many people won’t have even paid any attention to the fact the programme they were ‘watching’ has hit an interval!

As many as 70% of people here in Britain will regularly use the second device while watching television, with the ratio increasing to just short of nine in ten among 16 to 34-year-olds!

Checking emails (34%) is the biggest use of a second device, followed by instant messaging and texting (31%), with online shopping (25%) taking the third spot. Quite poignantly, the study cites that we spend in the region of 60% of the time that we’re watching TV not actually watching television at all, we are instead checking a device or talking to other people.

The Second Half Of The Research

For us in the eCommerce industry, this section might be more intriguing. While we’re all switched on to the fact that there is plenty of people on their digital devices watching the TV, the biggest takeaway for industry bods is that people are doing this during a show just as much as they are during the commercials.

It’s always been presumed that second screening occurs during the ads, which intertwines perfectly with the idea that the National Grid has to ramp up the power supply during an ad break during Corrie or when a major sporting event is taking place.

This new research highlights how levels of digital activity are almost constant throughout a programme on the box and its ad breaks, so people aren’t holding out until the break in the show/programme/sporting event to hit up Facebook or buy those shoes in the sale on ASOS!

The Implications

Execs are other staff working on dropping their email campaign during the sweet spot, usually, late morning could now be forced to rethink the strategy, as there’s now a noted sway in online usage for Brits changing their ‘ehabits’. This notion goes against the grain in relation to what we’ve known for a long time and what is seen as the optimum times to be landing our campaigns in inboxes, but the thought of a new, untapped connection there with people are surely worth thinking about. I mean, given the results of the study we’ve just covered, it’s certainly conceivable that people watching the television during prime times are actually waiting for something to interact with from a marketing campaign point of view.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so we now know that a quarter of people are shopping online. We also know that 90% of Millennials second screen habitually. This means anything from a fifth to a quarter of Millennials are not just receiving messages, they’re sat there ready to act on them due to the fact they actively want to go shopping online while their favourite TV show is airing in the background.

If you take anything from this new wealth of information it’s that if you were thinking people are only open to the standard email drop during the day because they’re focussed on their favourite soap, then essentially, you are now wrong! The scope for marketing during these TV primetime is huge and anyone looking to prevail with their online business should see the massive opportunity in this.

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