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Third-Party Content Behind UK’s Slowest Retail Websites

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted April 14, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

According to a recent research study via the website performance firm NCC Group, it has been cited that third-party content is producing disadvantageous results on the loading speed of some of the largest retail sites in the UK.

NCC Group’s new research saw them analyse 50 of the UK’s top retail websites and stated that, based on the 10 fastest and 10 slowest websites, on average the slowest homepages contained a significant 7.5 times more third-party content than the fastest.

Third-party content can come in various forms, from advertising to testing or remarketing services.

Speed Index, a specially-designed custom metric was used to establish how fast a web page is displayed instead of ascertaining page load times. This is because “When it comes to the impact of third-party content on a website’s performance, page load times can be misleading. It doesn’t necessarily matter to the end user if the overall load time is slow if third-party services are loaded after the page has displayed,” Ben Daniel, head of NCC Group’s web performance professional services team explained.

The results from NCC Group highlight the fact that the quickest performing sites contained a mere 83KB of third-party content, whereas the slowest were littered with a staggering 618KB, which is nearly double the size of the smallest page tested (299KB).

If you have any queries in regards to website speed on your Magento eCommerce platform, please get in contact with us here at Media Lounge.