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Things You Need To Do Right Now To Get More Sales

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted September 23, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Getting online traffic is relatively easy. After all, if you have a powerful image and a strong message, you can grab the clicking fingers of a whole crowd of casual browsers quite easily – ask anyone with an adorable cat and a slightly above average way with pop culture wit. But sales is what it’s all about. You don’t just want visitors, you want purchasers. You don’t just want views, you want conversions. So let’s talk about that.

The biggest factor in lost sales is abandoned carts

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The biggest factor in lost sales is abandoned carts. So many conversions are shoppers who are looking good to go, right the way through your sales funnel, but then as they’re in the queue to finalise the order and complete their purchase – POOF! – they’ve disappeared, and you’re left wondering what happened there.

We can tell you what probably happened. Your hidden costs suddenly got revealed. Your unspoken shipping charges finally emerged. You asked them for detailed guest account information that not even their own mothers knew about them. And to top it all, they went to pay for their goods using the card for the account where they’ve been saving this money specially, and your system didn’t like the look of it.

Other things can cause abandoned carts too. Maybe they couldn’t see the image properly on their mobile device and thought they’d better wait until they could look on the desktop version. Maybe they weren’t sure what dimensions the product was, so they thought they’d better go and look it up on Amazon instead. Perhaps it was raining and so they put their tablet away to carry an umbrella.

Okay, you can’t do much about the rain, but in all the other situations, your eCommerce sale could have been saved. If you need it spelled out, here we go….

– Display the mounting costs clearly as the shopper adds to their cart. No nasty surprises.

– Keep added shipping costs at an absolute low, or better still, avoid them completely (even if you have to have a slightly higher product pricing!).

– Optimise for mobile devices, and ensure you have the product details updated and comprehensive enough for a conversion to happen.

Bottom line: lack of sales is a problem, but you can make it go away.