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Things That People Probably Hate About Your WordPress Site

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted December 11, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

What are people saying about your website? There’s no way to know of course, but if you’re interested, there are quite a few familiar WordPress gems that often trip people up. Have a look at this list as a good place to start analysing the customer experience on your own site.

Number one – speed. If your page loads are longer than a second or two, you may be losing half of your potential customers. That’s right. The stats say that a 3-second load probably means 40% of them have already gone elsewhere. It’s the number one way to really frustrate your customers, which means it’s also the number one improvement you can make. Whatever you have to do, make sure your site is quick at loading.

Another thing is optimisation. Does your website look equally good on every device, or does it struggle with certain phones and tablets? Optimisation is about page layout, having big enough buttons, and making your customer feel as if your site was designed with their particular device in mind all along. Every WordPress site these days needs to be optimised for mobile devices.

So what about your content. Are your words and graphics designed specifically for your site? Or is it obvious that the lady in the image who is pictured smiling after sampling your wonderful product in Devon this week, the exact same stock image lady who they saw last year advertising an estate agent in Birmingham? Make sure you have professional images that are unique and styled for your business.

Let’s talk about popups. They have their place. Sometimes they work for getting new names on your email list. But if they pop up too soon, just as your visitor was starting to read your landing page, they could be doing more harm than good.

Is your site fully integrated, or is the shopping area separate from your About page and Contact information? You really need to have a streamlined feel and look to your eCommerce site to make it professional and a great ambassador for your brand. If you can’t manage that, everyone will notice. After all, everyone spends a great deal of time looking at the websites from the big brands, so they know what professional retailers look like. Be one of those.

And finally, take out all the special effects and automatic playing video loops, and other things that belong to 1987. Bring your site up to date, with simplification and great design. And try testing to see what works with the live public.