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These eCommerce Design Mistakes Could Be The Reason Your Sales Are Dying

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted October 27, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Online shopping requires good design. With the right aesthetic approach you can give your valued customer the sense of being surrounded by the aspirational, feel good factor of your brand.

They’ll find their way around easily, locate exactly what they’re looking for – and perhaps pick up a few additional items along the way that caught their eye. Then they’ll make it smoothly and efficiently through the checkout without abandoning a trolley full of goods. Get it wrong though, and you could lose out on sales that could have revitalised this years profits.

So let’s have a look at some basic errors in eCommerce design that you can and should definitely avoid.

First. Are YOU clear about why customers should invest in your products rather than your competitors’? There’s nothing worse than arriving at an online store and having no idea what they’re selling or what distinguishes their brand from others in the marketplace.

Know your unique selling point, and in your design, keep the words tight and well-chosen. Ensure your images are strong, vivid and along the lines that your target market would consider aspirational. Don’t try to get too clever, or use excess words to make your point. Make sure you’re clear about your message, and communicate clearly what your product is and why it’s so good. 

Now when it comes to product descriptions and photos, consider the product and what the customer needs to know. If it’s a practical item like a lawn mower, the customer will be wondering what dimensions it is (for the shed), and how long the blades will last. Giving them glamour shots of the product in different angles with different models is likely to be frustrating.

On the other hand, if you’re selling handbags, or any other product where the customer needs to use their imagination to decide, it could be really helpful to have additional shots to show the bag with different contents, or in different social settings, perhaps held in the hand as well as draped on a shoulder. Common sense.

A third, and very obvious point, is to ensure the images are optimised so that their load time on, say, a mobile device, doesn’t cause the customer to give up and look elsewhere while they’re waiting. On this same point, ensure that your eCommerce design layout and image quality looks professional. All that is just as important as good spelling.

So there you have three quick pointers help you to tune up your eCommerce design.