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The Variety Of Magento Plugins

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted July 25, 2012
  • 2 minutes Read Time

One of the great things about using Magento eCommerce software for your online store is because of the great range of plugins available for you to use. This enables users of Magento eCommerce software to quickly and simply tailor their store to their needs and functionality requirements, creating exactly what they want, whilst giving their customers a seamless buying experience.

For example, it is possible to get Magento plugins – modules, as they are often known – that allow you to run featured items and promote particular products on your site, which can be a great way of boosting the profile of particular products.

You can also get plugins that send an email to customers when they make a purchase, asking them to give feedback and review the product that they just bought. This can be a useful way of getting responses about your store from the people who have used it. There are also Magento eCommerce plugins that allow you to set up loyalty programmes for your customers, which can be a good idea if you want to reward your most loyal customers.

Another popular type of Magento plugin is one that allows you to set up email marketing on your site. Essentially, if you can think of something that you would like to do on your Magento eCommerce site, there is more than likely to be a suitable plugin for it.

You can either use one of the existing plugins that have been made by another user or, if you know what you’re doing, you could even create a custom module for yourself. This helps to give you, even more, control over your site and means you can get things just as you want them.