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The ULTIMATE Marketing Checklist For New eCommerce Businesses

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted March 1, 2017
  • 5 minutes Read Time

If you’ve recently opened an eCommerce shop online, getting your first sales can be one of the initial, most difficult challenges that you face. With a plethora of platforms and techniques available to you to market your product, it’s important to do ample amounts of research about how your target audience reacts to different mediums, as well as implementing a trial and error system at the beginning. We’ve had a look at some of the most useful techniques you can use to market your new business venture and check off as you attempt to establish your first sales.

Why You NEED Traffic

In order for you to recognise what’s working and what isn’t, it’s important that traffic is being directed to your website in the first place so you have figures to compare. It is difficult to improve your website unless you create a quantifiable benchmark that will allow you to monitor success. You will not know how much interest there is for your products, whether the price is right or whether the audience is responding well to the brand without driving traffic. Below are a few tips and tricks you’ll need to be utilised to drive traffic in the early days of your business launch, for the best possible start to your new venture.

Free Sources Of Traffic

It makes sense to start with the avenues that are of little to no cost to your business, making the most of all the free resources online that could lead to increased revenue.

Firstly, make the most of your own personal networks. The only way to get noticed in the busy cyberspace online is by getting your name out there in the first place, and the power of the word of mouth should never be underrated. Share the URL on your site and maybe even a discount code across all of your social media platforms. Ask other close friends in your network to do the same.

Secondly, another free opportunity to spread the word about your new business is via comment marketing on free community platforms such as forums, Reddit threads and Facebook groups. Share a link to your store in areas that are most likely to attract your target audience, thus increasing the likelihood of a click through. On some platforms, you may have more success if you are already an active member with good ratings, so it could be worth spending some time to build up your profile.

Paid Advertising

One of the most effective ways of getting a large amount of traffic as quickly as possible is through paid advertising. That said, you don’t need extortionate budgets to see success, with some campaigns having an impact from as little as £5 being spent on them. Before forking out for paid advertising, we recommend building your content across all mediums, so visitors don’t visit a seemingly empty page when showing interest in the brand.

It makes sense to use Facebook advertising due to the widespread popularity of the platform, which also has the most diverse users in terms of age, income, gender and ethnicity. One advantage to using this medium is the ability to target your exposure based on the audience’s interests, meaning that a clothes shop, for example, could target someone who is interested in fashion.

Instagram is great for companies with a visual focus and the audience consists mainly of millennials, which is great if your targeting younger demographics. Using Instagram is also a great way to extend your audiences and establish a presence in relevant online communities via the use of appropriate hashtags. Research the popular hashtags that trend within your industry and use them accordingly.

Pinterest can be overlooked when it comes to marketing, but the advantages of a predominately female userbase with disposable incomes are plentiful. If any of your items or services for sale have a quirky and unique twist, they are likely to flourish on this channel, where you can promote and buy pins in order to further your reach.


One way to reach more audiences is to contact successful bloggers who write about topics that can be related to your product. Work together in a mutually beneficial relationship on guest posts, whereby the blogger is provided with relevant and interesting content for free, whilst you are spreading brand awareness. Alternatively, send a blogger a product for them to review, once again exposing your business to new audiences, in a hopefully positive light.

Another way to drive traffic to your new site is to organise strategic partnerships, through the sponsoring of an event or running a contest with your product as the prize. Get creative with your content for these types of campaigns and aim for like-minded businesses that you are not competitive with for the best chance of reaching your desired audience.

Influential personalities that are relevant to your products or brand image will also contribute to increased traffic, and if the correct persona is chosen you could open yourself up to a whole new niche that is not available to other businesses in a similar field.

In order to succeed as a new business owner, you should be open to new ideas and techniques that could lead to an increase in sales after a certain period of time. Keep a close eye on the social channels your brand performs the best on and consider the reason behind this. If you have any failing points to your website, reconsider your tactics and address the issue; it’s the only way your company will continue to grow in the right direction.