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The UK Mobile Commerce Market

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted May 9, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Wait. Have you checked your mobile recently? Bet you have. Okay, so we didn’t need statistics to tell us that. But what about your mobile shopping habits? Where do you prefer to shop online?

In January this year, the UK broke the records for being the nation with the highest percentage of mobile commerce sales relative to total online purchases. A SimilarWeb report gave the percentage as 65%. You’d think the US would be beating us, but no. They came second in the study with an mCommerce percentage of just 54%.


Does that mean the days of the desktop site are numbered? Not if you’re interested in multiple page views on your Magento store. The same report showed that shoppers visiting your full size online store rather than your mobile site received, on average, almost twice as many page views – 13.6, compared with 7.6 page views on mobile devices. If you’re interested, Germany tops that poll with an average of 16.8 ecommerce page views on desktop screens, whereas on mobile devices the average is 8.6 page views. US figures were less than in the UK.


So now let’s talk about the time people spend shopping on mobile platforms rather than their desktops. Once again, desktop access means more time spent browsing than on smartphones or tablets. An average of 7.5 minutes for desktop viewing, whereas with mobile shopping sprees the figure is just above 5 minutes.


What are the lessons we learn from these stats? First, as your Granny always told you, mobile commerce is on the up and up, and any Magento UK ecommerce professional looking to sell needs a responsive site that is tailored for mobile shopping. That’s where most of the sales are likely to come from. However, ecommerce is about more than just the checkout. Desktops are where your customers are likely to hang out for longer ecommerce sessions. Basically, the UK mobile commerce market is sending the message to Magento retailers they want the best of both worlds.


In short, for sales it’s likely to be mobile traffic that’s going to take the plunge and buy, but for optimising browsing time on your site, don’t neglect your desktop site.