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The Rise Of Social Media Commerce (sCommerce)

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted January 20, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

You’ve heard of eCommerce, you’re getting to grips with mCommerce, now let’s talk about sCommerce.

There was a time when you had to go into a shop to make a purchase. The days of even having to go into an eCommerce store to buy are also numbered. Increasingly, shoppers are getting the chance to select and shop directly from within social media platforms. You know the kind of thing – you’re on Pinterest, you spot your dream lampshade, and right there is the magic ‘buy it now’ button. What if that took you not just to the eCommerce site to do the deal, but straight through the checkout process without missing a beat. sCommerce is an increasingly lucrative channel for sales, and it’s one that you’ll be wise to start considering your Magento store.

Scommerce is about more than just gaining ‘likes’ on Facebook or increasing site reviews. It’s about ways to go all the way to conversion that don’t first involve taking a long detour away from the place you first saw the product or interacted with the brand. Imagine social technology that automatically assesses your profile, cross-matches relevant products, and tags public photos making them into a sales opportunity. And just imagine one single click gets the product slipped easily into the cart and out through the checkout door before you can say ‘abandoned trolley syndrome.’

Start by asking, what are the social media platforms that my customers are likely to be using? That’s important. Different consumer demographics are drawn to different social media. It’s not a one-off question either. As time goes on, other platforms are introduced and many of your shoppers will be early adopters, impressed when they spot you keeping up with new trends.

Social media commerce increases the likelihood of impulse shopping, which is great news when you’re looking for eCommerce conversions. sCommerce is powerful, it’s growing and it’s likely to be really successful for those Magento store owners who get in early before the fees get too competitive. Get into scommerce now and take your Magento eCommerce website into the social sphere.