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The Next Generation Of Digital Talent Given Insight To Creative Industries

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted August 12, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Creative Industries in 2017 and going forward into the future increasingly need digital talent that can connect effectively with a fully digital world.

We think it’s always worth investing in the kind of programmes that care about new employees, giving them training and exposure to the real world of work that they’re about to enter.

Recently in Bournemouth, local school and university students got a taste of relevant training through the Digital Horizons initiative. This not-for-profit programme is all about giving young people insights into the kind of creative technology careers they might want to consider in Dorset.

This is good news for employers in the country, and for any Bournemouth agency looking to employ up and coming digital talent. It’s seen as a pipeline – a route of training and encouraging new recruits so that they can be better prepared for the modern day workplace. Supporting young people in this way is an approach that’s bound to pay dividends for staff recruitment in the future months and years in Dorset digital agencies. We approve.

The ages of the students who attended ranged from 16 to 20 – the very age group who are looking to consider their career options straight from school, and needing guidance and direction for their first steps. They were treated to some interesting and motivating talks and hands-on workshops hosted by local businesses involved in all parts of the creative digital arena – including the advertising industry, film and animation, Information Technology, and software development.

The great thing about events like these is it gives students direct contact with employers and professionals from the various industries. Face to face contact and interaction allows relationships and conversations to happen that can open doors for employment and networking. Experienced professionals in the field know that some of these new recruits will already be brewing with invaluable firsthand insights that will help drive their company profits and lead existing businesses into the future.

As a Bournemouth agency we’re really excited to see these kind of developments that help promote the enterprising young new talent who are coming through school and college and looking to place their inspiration in a workforce that values them.