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The New eCommerce Driving Force Is The Phone. Are You Ready?

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted July 8, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Times are moving in terms of the driving forces behind eCommerce and it is in fact phones that are the becoming prime device leading the way in eCommerce growth.

It has been confirmed that the share of the traffic stakes by phones is now up to 35 per cent globally, and up 38 per cent year-over-year. Phones remain on track to supersede computers as the highest trafficked shopping device come to the end of 2015. Order share from phones now accounts for 18 per cent, up to an exceptional 59 per cent year-over-year.

In conjunction with the growth in traffic share from phones, it has been cited that 76 per cent of the total growth in terms of the number of visits came directly from people’s phones. It has also been revealed that consumers are also doing more than just merely visiting.

Phones now can now be explained for 68 per cent of the growth in shopping basket creation. Great news for retailers, no doubt, as a basket determines shopping intent and also gives insight into key data points – products – that can help a retailer customise the shopping experience.

Most essentially, phones account for 48 per cent of the growth in a number of orders completed. This offers a dramatic climb from the previous quarter, where phones accounted for 37 per cent of the growth in orders. We can also see this as good news because shoppers aren’t solely browsing on their phone, they are buying too.

There is a clear message for retailers here, and that is that your shoppers are on their phones, they’re ready to make purchases, so are you prepared for them with your mobile eCommerce set up?