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The Most Important Mobile Page

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted May 12, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Let’s talk about landing pages for mobile devices. After all, no one gets far in eCommerce nowadays without optimising their online store to appeal to the user on the move. You knew that right? That’s a relief because maybe it means you’re not one of the 49% of traders who were found in a study last year to have overlooked mobile optimisation for their business. Worse still, nearly 20% of those surveyed weren’t even sure!

Just in case, let’s look at some of the mCommerce basics. For starters, it’s not enough to simply transfer your desktop site to a mobile platform and hope for the best. There’s a major difference between portrait and landscape orientations, and there’s definitely a difference between a screen the size of a TV and one that fits in your pocket.

For mobile commerce, you also need to make sure that whatever you display
is readable on a small device, not just a carbon copy of your desktop content. Navigation is another issue. You’ll want to make sure it’s quick and easy for the mobile user to find their way through your Magento store and all the way to the checkout without getting lost. And any forms you need filling in better request only minimal information because it’s a big ask for even the most patient consumer to complete what feels like their full CV using only one fingertip while getting on the bus. Think about it. That’s the reality of the mobile commerce world.

When you’re looking for conversions (and let’s face it, who isn’t!) you need to tie these issues down very securely or you’ll be losing Magento customers who might otherwise have done their bit very happily to raise your annual profits total. That makes no sense.

Responsive web design (RWB) is a great way to achieve the mobile site you need, while also retaining your more comprehensive desktop version. It’s also Google’s suggested way of dealing with the problem. With RWD, the code renders the optimal settings for whichever device is being used – adapting as necessary to suit the device. However, heavyweight eCommerce sites like Amazon take a more belt and braces approach by having an entirely different mobile site design.

If you’re not certain of the best way to go, take expert advice. In eCommerce, getting it right means getting it right for mobile devices.