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The Importance Of Video Content In eCommerce Marketing

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted March 24, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

The ever-evolving nature of using eCommerce platforms in order to market your products means that it trumps the more traditional shopping methods in almost every way. Online services allow for a larger quantity of stock to be browsed easily and at leisure, making for a more convenient way to shop altogether. That said, one glaring disadvantage that challenges eCommerce markets is the inability to feel the product and hold it in your own hands. As such, many can be reluctant to commit to purchasing, particularly if they have any concerns over the fabrics used or the size or weight of the product. That’s where the importance of video marketing comes in.

Allowing a potential buyer a more detailed look at the product lets them gauge a bit more about the aesthetics and shows that you have faith in the item yourself. Visuals have always dominated social media sites in terms of engagement, and the use of video is no different. B2C marketing has become a whirlwind of memes, gifs and emojis that marketers relate to their audience and reach out to new demographics, particularly of younger generations.

Consumers aged between 18 and 34, or millennials, are said to be particularly reliant on watching videos, with 4 in 5 saying they find them useful in making their purchasing decisions. Further to that, 1 in 3 says their purchases are usually a direct response to watching a video of the product.

Mobile users are also enthusiastic about visuals and respond positively to video marketing. The recent focus on a smooth check out process that can be accessed on the move means that more and more people are using time spent on the commute or grabbing lunch on their mobiles. Immediately, this makes them a target for eCommerce. Marketers should, therefore, incorporate videos into their strategies, as a way of reaching this group and furthering revenue.

We’ve put together five reasons how video marketing could be influential for your digital commerce:

Utilising The Social Video Trends

Posting your videos on all social media channels will provide good quality content and contribute towards your online presence. Facebook is currently attracting more than 8 billion video views a day, which is double the numbers of the same time last year. This could be a direct effect of the rise in popularity of ‘tagging’ friends and family in visual content that users find funny or relevant. Use this to your advantage by making a video with a talking point. Be it humorous, controversial or just plain weird, you want to get talked about, or rather, tagged about.

Direct Traffic

Most social media sites will include a call-to-action, meaning the product page can be reached from the video from the click of a button. Crucially, this button will lead the user to a page where the product can be purchased, highly increasing the chance of conversion. This enables a smooth process from expressing interest in the product to adding it straight to your basket and ordering it there and then!

Keeping Customers Engaged

The amount of content that is readily available online has only decreased the average human’s, already minimal, attention span. Recent research has suggested that attention spans have decreased from 12.5 seconds to 8.5 seconds in just 15 years. This, in part, helps to explain the vast success of platforms such as Snapchat, as video content is limited to just 10 seconds. Use this to your advantage, and keep videos short and snappy in order to attract audiences in a way more traditional forms of advertisements can only dream of.


Whilst adverts and sponsored posts are typically somewhat of an annoyance to potential customers, users expect a significant amount of video content to appear on their feed. In this sense, you are able to expose them to advertising without them minding, or avoiding your brand as a result of the annoyance. This can be shown by the widespread acceptance of food preparation videos, which despite their remarkable popularity, are just an advert for certain brands.

The Boost Factor

If all else fails, and you find yourself experiencing less than desirable rates of engagement, most social media sites offer the ability to ‘boost’ your content, for a small fee, which will allow you to reach a wider audience. This is a fantastic way to increase your online presence and reach demographics specifically targeted by the adverts that you may not have been able to before.

Happy filming! Remember, you don’t need a top-of-the-range video camera or bank-breaking editing software to create brilliant content because dare we say it, there’s an app for that!