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The Importance Of Practical Experience

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted April 20, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

‘Practical contact with an observation of facts and events’

This is how the Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘experience’. Plenty of businesses can rightfully claim to have ‘observed facts and events’ in their clients’ various industries, but how many have ‘practical contact’ with those industries?

Not many. At least that’s how we feel about it. We don’t think there are many B2B service provision businesses out there that can truly say they know the challenges their clients face on a day to day basis, that they have real-world experience of their clients’ needs or that they can really see things from their perspective.

It seems that MailChimp, the popular email marketing software company, agrees with us and yesterday announced that they are launching an online store to try and better understand the needs of their users.

MailChimp sent an email (of course) yesterday stating that the digital store they’re planning to launch will be equal parts online shop and research project. Here’s what they had to say…

“We hope it’ll show us what online sellers deal with every day. We want to get to know the struggles of our users first-hand so we can find new ways to help them.”

True practical experience and having skin in the game is something the Media Lounge team value very highly and that’s why we’ve been operating a number of our own successful online eCommerce businesses for over 8 years. We feel this gives us a level of understanding and empathy with our clients that enables us to see the bigger picture, from product to fulfilment, and allows us to provide practical, actionable advice to them.

Media Lounge has been using Magento since the beginning and right from then realised that the best way to understand our marketplace would be to open and run our own Magento eCommerce store, a decision that’s proved to be fantastic for us and for our clients.

It’s great to see businesses like MailChimp recognising the value of this experience and follow where so few have previously ventured.

MailChimp will be documenting the opening and week by week operation of their online store, sharing all of their successes and failures with subscribers as they go. We will be watching with keen interest and a more than little admiration.