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The Importance Of Clear Navigation

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted July 19, 2012
  • 3 minutes Read Time

The navigation menu is probably the most important element in web design as it is being used more often than any other element on a page especially in eCommerce stores.  It’s important to make sure that the users will find their way around the site structure – however, complex it is. Navigation and interaction in design are key to grasp the user’s attention to a site. Simple, calm navigation is usually much more user-friendly than an evolved, dynamic one. Users want to be able to navigate around the site with ease and not be baffled by weird navigation. A minimalistic design, which allows the users to interact with to acquire information, is a new trend that works very well. This allows users to hover over a product to see the price, size and available colours etc. This works well and also keeps the site uncluttered and doesn’t swamp the user with too much information. This is particularly important in eCommerce websites that need to direct the users to their relevant products in the least amount of clicks.

Below are some designs, which are interesting because they engage the user and keep the navigation simple and easy to use. These also let the user interaction to get information with different ideas.

Nixon - The Importance of Clear Navigation
Nixon is a great example of interactive design and navigation. The drop down is clear because it pushes the body of the site down so that the user can view the product lists. The information for the header image is hidden until hovered over, this is also the case with all the products on hover over. This site has very creative navigation, which allows the user to move through the site quickly and easily.


Treadz is a Magento eCommerce store which uses large images on the homepage and uses product shots in the drop down to create interest for visitors.  The individual product page allows you to hover over and zoom into the product, so you get a really good feel for what you’re buying. The site overall is very easy to navigate through and interactive but still very user-friendly.

It’s good to keep the design simple and intuitive as possible. This will make it easier for the user to click from one page to another without having to think. One way to make the users feel more involved is by turning the website into an interactive journey. Also, clever interaction to engage users on a site gives a better experience. By applying simple design, user-friendly navigation and design interaction will make the user more likely to stay on the site longer and return because they would have had a good experience.