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The Impact Of Coupons On Your Magento Customers

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted October 17, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Here’s a thought. What about adding coupons to your eCommerce store. It’s really easy to do, and it’s a great way to grow your audience and increase conversions. Sounds like hard work? Think again. You’d be surprised at the rewards it could bring to your Magento site.

Coupons are big business. In the US, a whole 50% of internet users will have tried an online coupon by December 2013. Nearly half of that figure relates to coupons located on mobile devices, which marks an increase of almost 40% in 2012. When the customers themselves are asked about redeeming coupons, around 60% said they would print one off that they received in an email or spotted on a site. That’s almost as many as that 74 % who would physically tear out a newspaper ad or a magazine coupon.

The stats show that coupons appear to have a particularly strong impact on women, with nearly three-quarters of those questioned having printed coupons they sourced online. Surveys demonstrate that only face-to-face contact raises more interest for women to search the net for products. Often consumers will start their search for a product by looking specifically for money off coupons, although it tends to be with clothing and beauty purchases, more than say technology, that coupons are most effective for drumming up new business.

So you can see it’s worth doing. Remember that you can be inventive in your use of coupons relating to your eCommerce business. What about asking customers to text you in order to receive their coupon? That way you get increased engagement as well as more members of your opt-in messaging list. And how about different types of reward, rather than just a percentage discount. You could offer free delivery for purchases over a certain value, two-for-one, or money off for recommending a friend who orders.

Try coupons as a proven way to gain more eCommerce sales and traffic.