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The Future Of Branding

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted March 30, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

In your brand design, are you keeping half an eye on marketing trends? Just in case, here are some of the key predictions that the professionals are saying about the direction branding is likely to take in 2017 that you can implement into your ecommerce website templates in the future.

It’s possible that the big political changes in the world will affect the kinds of marketing messages that are accessible and effective. Things might be more controversial and ‘in your face’. Instead of inviting customers to uphold values, they may well begin to approach marketing as if arming customers to defend those values. It’s more proactive, potentially more divisive, but it does mean strong brand loyalty for those who take the plunge to side with your brand.

So where once brand issues like eco-friendliness were simply influencing factors to your marketing, they might become forceful drivers of successful business design.

Ethically, some designers are wondering whether going with the activist tide on this is fair and whether it’s better to stand aside from the politics. Other brands are going headlong into the drama – for example, Starbucks who responded to immigrant laws in the USA by actively offering jobs to immigrants. Some predict that honesty will become more powerful in brand design and marketing than hyperbole so that the more powerful and successful brands will be the ones who tell the truth, rather than the ones who shout the loudest.

Another indicator is that brands are tending to use their names rather than graphic icons as logos. But with the rise of mobile eCommerce, logos are useful hotspots for buttons, and many designers are still developing new graphics and symbols to represent their brands. Some believe that the trend for virtual reality means that fonts will become more three-dimensional and images and graphics will invite the viewer into the design, as if with a 360-degree perspective, rather than just a flat image.

Artificial intelligence may be the most controversial and catalytic change for brands this year as they face the marketing strength and ethical questions related to the wealth of personal information in their clutches.

Brands this year are facing incredible new territory, new ethical issues, new shifts in customer demand. Keep your ear to the ground and stay responsive.