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The Foundation Of Your eCommerce Marketing

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted December 8, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

eCommerce marketing has the potential for grabbing the attention of potential purchasers and turning their loyalty into your business success. However, all too many eCommerce sellers make the mistake of resting their market success on dodgy foundations. They let great additional sales opportunities pass them by, treat loyal customers as if they’d never met them before, and bamboozle online visitors with non-intuitive navigation, complex shipping rates and poorly written product descriptions. What’s the point in venturing out into a competitive world with your quality products if you’re going to trade with all the business prowess of a cheese sandwich? If that’s you, it’s time to rethink your approach. Just as well we’re here.

Here’s a tip for free. If someone has bought from you, you can be just about certain they are the kind of person who is likely to buy from you again. And not just in a year’s time, how about right now, while they’re still at the checkout? For example, surely they need some batteries for that purchase, or a carry case, or maybe matching socks. Upsell with some timely recommendations and the stats show you could make an average difference of up to around 30%. Not bad.

While we’re there, this valued customer of yours has friends, right? Well, what about incentivising customer referrals, say a credit of £10 when the order is placed, and a discounted rate to the new purchaser. The fact the referral is based on a trusted source is likely to be a big boost to your chances of a new sale. Remember: love your customers and love their friends.

If a cart gets abandoned don’t lose hope or get a complex. Did you know that just under 70% of people tend to abandon their carts? For all you know, the customer could have rushed off elsewhere to sell all their earthly goods ready to spend more money in your store. Just send them an email to show you haven’t taken it personally, and chances are they’ll come back.

The foundations of good eCommerce marketing are to make the most of every visitor and every sale. Push just a little harder and you could get a little more in return.