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The Eight Best Ways To Find Success Through Online Advertising

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted January 16, 2017
  • 6 minutes Read Time

When it comes to successful eCommerce it can often, more often than not, mean speculating to accumulate, so as far as online advertising is concerned, it’s always worth giving it the view that ‘if you build it, they will come’, to quote a famous movie (extra points for knowing the title).

If you’re struggling to see the number of visitors build upon your website and your products aren’t selling as frequently as you’d like, don’t panic! There are ways of combatting this issue that every online business goes through at some point, and we’re here to help you utilise them.

So, you want to up the level of web traffic and get your eCommerce business making those sales, right?

For the main crux of eCommerce businesses, choosing to add online advertising into your plan is the ideal option to successfully drive more traffic through to your website. There are some helpful tips to maximise your online advertising efforts. When you use these tips, you will see how much easier it can be to get more traffic to your website with a view to making more money!

Step this way and discover the best ways of doing this:

Make Them Valuable

It is very important that you go to all the lengths you can to ensure you are emphasising the value in your product. You need to do this through communicating and conveying what the reader will get once they have clicked on your ad.

For example, if your ad is on LinkedIn, the optimal way to appeal to the user is to have your ad identify with a specific problem they might have. Your ad should be there to highlight how you can help them for whatever reason that may be.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a staple for any business looking to join one of the most common online advertising platforms, and this is because it happens to be one of the most effectual. If you are considering your options when it comes to paid advertising then look to Google’s Adwords as a go-to from the off.

Why Use Google Adwords?

  • Offers a massive source of traffic thanks to Google being recognised as the most popular search engine on the planet. A dominating 67.5% of search engine usage comes from Google when people are surfing the web.
  • Benefit from transparent results with the easy visibility of your campaign at any point in time.
  • High flexibility. You have the opportunity to uniquely tailor and target a host of different types of customers for your ads.

Get this one right and you could have won half the battle!

Negative Keywords

Consider using negative keywords. These are the keywords that you actually don’t want your ad to show up for. It prevents you from wasting your valuable time and money by having your ad come up on the screens of people who aren’t who you’re looking to target.

Take the time to compile a list of negative keywords (the ones you don’t want your ads to show up for). That way you are helping to optimise the effectiveness of your ads. If you minimise the number of people seeing your ad who aren’t part of your target audience then you can focus on maximising the volume of people who are interested.

Advert Rotation

If it’s been a success or if it hasn’t, we’d advise that you don’t just use the same ad time and time again. Keep it fresh, or keep them guessing by rotating your ads on a regular basis, because you don’t want people tiring of seeing the one ad. Quite simply, users will stop clicking on it if you persist. Fewer clicks mean a rise in your cost per click (CPC), making your campaign more expensive.

Help to overcome this by developing a schedule for your ad campaigns. Put together a handful of different types of ads. Switch up the images, and play around with the ad copy, keep it move and don’t let it stagnate. Variety is the spice of life, after all! Furthermore, you can get a good gauge of what works best for your business when you see the results of each individual ad.


As we have mentioned before, Facebook is arguably the best of all the platforms when it comes to obtaining those increased levels of exposure for your digital commerce store. It’s the most frequently used social media channel, and therefore means you’re more likely to find your target audience. When it comes to online advertising for eCommerce businesses, Facebook takes the crown.

Benefits Include:

  • Being able to target your ads more effectively by allows you to tailor demographics. Be as finely-tuned as you like here.
  • Facebook currently possesses 1.28 billion users, 800 million of which are active on a daily basis! This is a huge benefit in itself.
  • Surprisingly, not as many eCommerce businesses are optimising this potential goldmine, and therefore, by using it you are staying ahead of the pack and giving yourself an advantage over the competition.

Identify Your Target Audience

It sounds basic, but the number of business who fall short when it comes to effectively targeting the right audience is remarkably high. Their ads just end up finding their way to people who will have no use, or have no interest, in what is on offer.

Take advantage of the Google Keyword Planner tool which can assist you in working out your ideal target audience by using this free tool.

Don’t look merely to showcase what you offer, go one step further and tell them what problems you are there to solve, whether that be the perfect new shoes for their working environment or new software for their accounts, they are looking for solutions. Make sure you’re offering them.

 Use Landing Pages

By optimising your landing pages you are making the most of the traffic coming through to your website, allowing you the chance to inform your customers prior to pitch your product. The last thing you want is for them to get the wrong information or start looking at an incorrect product for their needs. Set up clear, well thought out landing pages and you can avoid this, giving yourself the best chance to convert.

Don’t just link your ad to your home page or a single product page. It’s not beneficial for the potential buyer, what is best for them is to send them to a landing page first.

The landing page is a fixing point for the customer to gain a clear idea of what you want them to do, and why. If you’re using paid ads, then the least you want to achieve are the odds of obtaining customers.

 LinkedIn Ads

Similarly to Facebook, using LinkedIn for advertising is another fruitful source for your eCommerce business. LinkedIn is particularly beneficial for any B2B businesses out there.

Here’s why:

  • LinkedIn’s ads provide a higher conversion rate than the norm.
  • You can target professionals within any given industry.
  • The range of ad types is increased when using the LinkedIn ad campaigns.

LinkedIn opens you up to a huge melting pot of professionals from across the globe and it’s arguably one of the most advantageous ways of reaching the major decision-makers at a company you want to target.

There are two different ad options with LinkedIn; Sponsored Content and Text and Image Ads.

Have a play around and see which suits you best, as both offer their pros and cons, depending on your individual needs.