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The Complete Guide To Reaching Out On Facebook

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted March 31, 2017
  • 5 minutes Read Time

Facebook remains to be one of the most important tools for marketers, with over 1.13 billion active daily users. The social media platform remains to be the biggest in the world, used by societies across the globe, making it the perfect place to establish a brand and increase your online presence. But how can you make the most of the site? In order to reach your sites full potential, it’s important to utilise all of the tools that are available, and achieve a higher revenue as a result. We’ve put together a guide, with all you need to know about how you can reach out further on Facebook and secure more potential customers, making the most of your eCommerce software.

Sharable Content

One of the main goals of content on Facebook is to encourage engagement in the form of likes, reactions, shares and link click. In order to achieve these levels of interaction, it’s important to post interesting blogs, pictures, videos and links that are most likely to be appreciated by your current following. Once you can inspire people to the point that they feel the need to share with their own network, you have completed this objective and will see an increase in your reach as a result. In this sense, it’s a good idea to keep on top of the latest trends and well-performing post types. A more recent trend in Facebook is the sharing of memes, which are essentially pictures with humorous or relevant captions, and videos that are no longer than 10 seconds. Tapping into trends like this makes your content more ‘sharable’ in the virtual community.

Organic Traction

Before paying for a boosted reach on Facebook, it’s a good idea to let your posts attract a fair amount of organic traction. While desirable rates of reach can’t be guaranteed, there are certain steps you can take to give you and your brand a better chance:


The video continues to be the best form of content when it comes to Facebook, achieving triple the engagement and 1,200% more shares than text and image posts combined. Interestingly, videos that are uploaded straight to Facebook or executed via their live streaming service have ten times the reach of those uploaded to YouTube first.

Mix It Up

While it’s a good idea to post videos, you may want to combine content with images, texts, exterior links and slides in order to keep all of your following happy. Some may prefer, and therefore share, more visual posts such as photos and memes, whereas others might lean more towards informative content. Reach everyone by posting a diverse range of posts that will keep as many people engaging and interacting as possible.

Work To Your Strengths

If a particular post about a specific topic did well, consider reposting the same or similar content, which will do well amongst those who missed it the first time around or give those who had already seen it the opportunity to like and share again.

Tag Relevant Pages

If the content of your post mentions promotes or is simply relevant to another business, be sure to tag them in the description. As long as the piece is positive, the other business is likely to share, opening you up to a brand new network in the form of their following. This increases the potential audience for your post by a lot, particularly if the aforementioned business has a well-sized following of their own.

Off-Platform Sources Of Traffic

If you have a post that is performing well, consider embedding it in your blog, which will take those who click through to Facebook, and immediately broaden your reach to those who perhaps hadn’t thought to find you on social networks. This works well if a conversation or debate is taking place within the comments, and you can invite others to join in. Including an icon with a link to your Facebook page on emails, websites and even physical marketing materials will also boost your reach organically.

Prioritise Engagement

Whenever you get the opportunity to engage with your audience, take it, as it’s that kind of interaction that will keep them coming back for more. Contributing to conversations on your content adds a personal touch to the account, allowing you to promote your brand as and when appropriate. If people leave comments on your content, be sure to acknowledge them with a reply and if users share a post, hop onto their profile for a like or love to let them know you appreciate their involvement.

Paid Promotions

Utilise Facebook and all it can offer a paid boost, which can amplify the reach of your content, considerably increasing the number of people you can reach. Select posts that are already doing well organically, as these are the most likely to perform well in a paid campaign. Your objectives will differ, depending on whether the campaign is a call-to-action post, which directs audiences to your website, or simply a post-boost that will promote your content. Allocate a budget for each post, and decide how long you’d like each campaign to run. There is a minimum spend of £1 a day, but it’s a good idea to spread the campaign over as many days as possible. You can choose to target audiences according to age, gender, location and interests, which can be useful for those who wish to target a specific demographic or niche market.

This is a lot to consider, but, when used correctly, Facebook can be an invaluable tool for marketers wishing to increase their online presence and brand awareness, resulting in a further reach on the platform.