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Media Lounge And The Bournemouth Pier To Pier Swim 2017

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted July 21, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

On 15th July, 4 members of the Media Lounge team donned their wetsuits, goggles and swimming hats to take part in the British Heart Foundation Pier To Pier Swim – an annual event where more than 1000 people tackle the 1.4mile open-water swim along the coast of Bournemouth in aid of this fantastic charity.

One of the four members, Herve, has been conquering triathlons for years so was more than confident about the challenge that awaited him. However, the remaining 3 members of the Media Lounge team – Ali, Javier and Marko – had never taken part in an event like this, so they were all unsure of how well they would perform and slightly concerned that they might fail miserably!

The guys at Media Lounge gave themselves 1 month of training to make sure that they are prepared mentally and physically, as well as being familiar with open-water swimming because swimming in the ocean is a complete different kettle of fish to training in your local pool. Fast forward 1 month… only Herve trained for the event meaning that the other three were pretty much going into it blind with no open-water swimming experience – what a bunch of nutters!

The event was split into 2 separate sessions – the first was at 10:00am and the second at 12:00pm. Annoyingly, Herve was swimming solo in the first session with Ali, Javier and Marko taking part at 12:00pm. They all met up at 11:30am to ask Herve (remember, the only one who actually trained) how he got on and how hard the event was.

Herve was exhausted and told the others that he found it really hard because the waves were fairly big during the middle section of the swim, making it tough to find your pace and breathing. After hearing this, the others laughed (nervously) and simply chose to ignore what Herve said to keep convincing themselves that they were 100% ready for the event!

Ali, Javier and Marko, with their complete lack of experience in open-water swimming, headed into the water in high spirits! They tried to stay close to one another at the start, but with the large amount of people in the water it’s easier said than done. Each of them took to open-water swimming like ducks to a pond, finding their sea swimming skills come flooding in within minutes! Like Herve said to them, the middle section was very choppy and they all found it hard to battle against the waves that were fighting them.

We are proud to say that all 4 of our team members did finish the swim and enjoyed every minute of it! They have each said that they will 100% do it again next year and Ali has actually now signed up to complete a triathlon in the next couple of months.

A huge thank you to British Heart Foundation for setting up the event and a huge well done to everyone who took part!

If you are interested in taking part in the British Heart Foundation – Pier To Pier Swim 2018 please click here and we look forward to seeing you there!