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The Best Size Articles For Your WordPress Blog

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted May 19, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Getting your blog written isn’t just about getting your website looking nice online. It’s about rankings and performance and increasing consumer interaction and engagement with your business. Get some great quality articles done and you’ll reap the rewards. Make them lengthier than your average blog post and, provided you’re still hitting the targets relating to quality, you’ll create even more chances for people to like and share your material.

If you make face to face business contacts and you’re wise enough to keep them fresh and up-to-date, publishing a longer blog article or guide means you have a good reason to contact your growing network, asking them to review and share your content. The long-form content of around 18000 words gives you plenty of space to get your teeth into the subject and show you know your onions, but you can still get great results from shorter articles. In a recent study, the top-rated posts in search queries tended to be above 2000 words.

If your content is worth reading then visitors to the site will spend longer viewing, which is obviously great for your ranking. Visitors will bounce from one page to another, provided your WordPress content is strong enough. Keep the content ungated (without an email sign-in required) if you want to maximise views and shares. People are less interest in content they have to sign in for.

However long or short the content you write, make sure you decide first of all who your eCommerce audience will be. That’s really important to ensure that the content is pitched correctly. Find out what those people are looking for on the internet so that you can tailor your article for maximum engagement.

So the basic message for WordPress blogging is that more is more. More quality, more quantity, more engagement.