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Take Advantage Of Your Email Receipts

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted October 13, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

So imagine this scenario. An email arrives in your inbox from someone other than your immediate circle of friends or your million dollar client. Do you open it that minute, if at all? Maybe.

Ok, now imagine this scenario. You’ve just ordered your long-awaited birthday present or shiny new technological toy for the office, and moments after you receive an email from the lovely business you ordered it from. Do you open it? Probably.

Statistics show that email receipts are over three times more likely to get opened than other business emails. That’s potential dynamite if you’re looking to deliver a brand message – choose the precise moment when they are experiencing the afterglow of their aspirational buy and have just chosen to engage in an active relationship of eCommerce trust with you. This customer has just sent you a massive vote of confidence by ordering, so you have a captive audience. You’re literally preaching to the converted.

Get creative with your email receipts. Maybe add an invitation to sign up for a regular newsletter with tips and hacks. Or you could suggest upselling options by offering potential bargain upgrades and enhancements to the product they’ve already purchased from your digital commerce site. Why not send an eCommerce discount code with a percentage price reduction that’s only available for a limited time, to increase urgency. 10 years ago, Amazon was getting almost a third of its revenues from telling customers what other similar products they might also be interested in.

Ask for ratings and reviews about your customer service. That will gain you some user interaction, which is all good for SEO generally because it shows search engines that you’re getting recognised and being treated seriously. It’s well worth having your social media accounts referenced on any eCommerce email receipt, and encouraging likes and shares so that your customer’s friends get exposed to your brand name. Recommendations from friends mean a ready-made personal endorsement their friends will know to trust.

It makes a lot of sense to reduce your marketing outlay by using email receipts to do more than confirm an order, so upgrade that template today for a boost in eCommerce revenue.