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Switzerland’s eCommerce Worth £5.9 billion

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted November 26, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

With the news that eCommerce UK is the third best in the world, a new report has stated that the eCommerce market in Switzerland is realising a healthy increase too with a rise of 13 per cent on last year. This sees the country’s eCommerce reach a value of 9.1 billion Swiss francs or 5.9 billion pounds sterling. The development of the online retail industry has been cited as a possible reason for the high online shopping penetration.

Based on the data, 90 per cent of all 16-65-year-olds in Switzerland made a minimum of one purchase online in the last twelve months.

The news has been released as part of the Swiss eCommerce Consumer Behaviour Report, conducted by ContactLab, part of Observatory NetComm Suisse. Additionally, this report also highlighted there are now 4.7 million Swiss online consumers; that’s an increase of million from 2014, realising a 12 per cent upsurge.

Alessandro Marraros, president of NetComm Suisse, says that the significant growth in the Swiss eCommerce market is due to the continued distribution of the online channel and the high levels of digitisation within their population. Swiss consumers on average spend almost 1,800 euros (£1,267) per year.

Services are still generating the vast majority of the value in terms of Swiss eCommerce. Transportation and travel services are also particularly popular, while as far as products are concerned, fashion products are the top preference for a small majority of buyers, with 2.7 million Swiss consumers.