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Study Shows Packaging Can Boost eCommerce Sales

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted July 20, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Dotcom Distribution compiled a study that highlighted the fact that as many as 60% of people share pictures of products (including packaging) on social platforms when they consider its appearance to be nice.

This has the potential for those taking advantage of sharp, appealing packaging to boss their eCommerce sales, or at the very least, obtain new leads. Essentially, the report is saying that if you get it right then your customers can become brand ambassadors on social media on your behalf!

Dotcom’s 2015 eCommerce Packaging Study, Unwrapping the Customer Experience, was centred around delivery-packaging strategies of eCommerce sites. The in-depth report pointed to the fact that it was important to have effective and up-to-scratch product packaging in the fast flowing age of eCommerce. Packaging was largely reported as being a major factor in how products come across to customers, and whether they’d help spread the word on your business if it were to appeal to them.

Bad package design for eCommerce was cited as a reason that customers felt would damage the brand of business and hold them back from making purchases in the future.

The notion that brands who have the capability to incorporate stylish or trendy product packaging was exceedingly more likely to flourish in today’s eCommerce market, much like how the best eCommerce platforms will perform for brands.

Up to 84% of consumers who took part in the study said that they were more likely to reuse branded bags, while around 74% of younger consumers aged between 18 and 25 years of age said that they would share a recent purchase on social media if the product packaging is unique and engaging in order to inform their friends and followers about it.