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A Specialised Guide To Help Fix Common Magento SEO Issues

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted October 23, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Magento is fantastic and everyone loves it. But, if you find yourself with a technical issue, it can feel a bit tricky to fix without the right know-how. Here are some of the common issues that arise, and some pointers on how to deal with them.

Is your eCommerce site a bit on the slow side? That’s not good for business. Speed can sometimes be a problem with Magento, but you can help things along by using a server with enough RAM, and the right configuration. 

Make sure you’re tagging your products correctly. Probably a lot of your stock will be straightforward to list, but let’s imagine other items on your site could be customisable – like a t-shirt that comes in a range of colours. If you’re just duplicating these products in your listing, it’ll take Google longer than if you use the canonical tag, which lets search engines know that these different coloured t-shirts are variations on a theme, rather than entirely separate products.

And while we’re talking about tags, there’s often a difference between what is helpful for the site visitor and what keeps the search bots happy. When you’re breaking up your product lists into different pages, make sure you organise the tags on your product listing pages properly so that the pagination is indicated in terms of “next” and “prev”. Tips like this really help with ranking.

Here’s another one. Sometimes Magento can tend to add numbers to URLs, so that old pages aren’t deleted while new ones are created. Obviously, that means that multiple versions are kept, and this can clog up the works. You’ll need to resolve that issue to optimise your Magento site.

Some of the links on your file may need a nofollow added, so that Google doesn’t waste time crawling through them when it’s looking at your site. 

All in all, there’s a lot to remember to get right, and Magento Support is often your best bet. If you’re not a techie yourself and you don’t have automatic access to someone who is, you may want to contact us for a bit of help in optimising things. No problem. Magento Support is one of the things we love the best.