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Social Media Micro-influencers Could Be What Your Small Business Needs

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted September 29, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Are you constantly looking for ways to promote your small business but want to stay on a budget? You will probably see celebrities promoting products all over Instagram and you too can jump aboard this bandwagon by using micro-influencers. They are just like the Kardashians but with fewer followers and let’s face it probably a lot more down to earth.

Highly targeted micro-influencers are able to help your smaller business gain visibility, engage with their audience and also promote your products.

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Highly targeted micro-influencers are able to help your smaller business gain visibility, engage with their audience and also promote your products.

If you look through all your social media followers, then the chances are that you will find micro-influencers who are already interested in your business or brand. Promoting your business through micro-influential fans will be more effective in the long run as it will take a lot less effort to convince them to work with you and also your partnership will be more authentic.

If you go and approach influencers who have never even heard of your business then it might take a while in order to win them over as they will probably be hesitant to partner with a brand they are not all that familiar with. However, if you approach influencers who are already fans of your business then it shouldn’t be hard to get them on board.

In order to find micro-influential fans from your existing followers go through to check out the profiles that intrigue you. The overall goal here is to find people who have somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, go any bigger than that and they might feel they are ‘too big’ for your business and asking for some ridiculous demands.

Once you have found your chosen influencer start engaging with them publicly by liking their posts but also privately, offering them discounts or freebies in return for them to post about you or your product.

If you start approaching micro-influencers who have not heard of you before, It doesn’t mean that they won’t want to work with you, but using ‘Hashtag research’ is a quick way to help you identify influential users who are already interested in products or services that are similar to what you are offering.

These types of influencers are more likely to be interested in a partnership with your business. When choosing a hashtag to research its best to make it as specific as possible. For example, if you are marketing organic food products or meals then using #organicfood is a much more effective hashtag than just simply #food.

After your relevant hashtag has been picked give it a quick google search and you will get results from both Instagram and Twitter. If you check it out on Instagram you will get a long list of top photos that match your chosen hashtags. The photos at the top of the page will more than likely have to most likes and engagement which means that these are people you are going to want to target.

On another note, if your business serves a specific geographic area, searching for bloggers in your vicinity can help you find relevant micro-influencers too. Local bloggers will engage readers specifically from their region.

In order to find and target these people doing a simple google search and you should be able to find local bloggers and social media accounts from your chosen area.

Having to manually look through different user profiles on social media can be really time-consuming and may not provide you with essential statistics like retweet and reply ratios. You will be solely relying on your observation which can be unreliable at times.

There are however various tools out there which can help narrow down the huge amount of bloggers and influencers on the web. Buzzsumo, Klear and Ninja Outreach will make it easier to find your micro-influencer to engage with. With these tools, you can search for specific influencers based on keywords and will get stats showing their overall following and reach.

The best part about micro-influencer campaigns is that you’ll be spending a lot less money on them compared to the big timers that you see at the very top of your social feeds. If you have decided that getting a micro-influencer is what will help your business grow then hopefully following these tips will help you find your perfect partnership.